Primal Labs is a supplements company headquartered in Allen, TX. Its founders, Steve Gray and Bryan Ward, saw a need for a supplement company that focused on science-backed branded ingredients and products that met the most rigid expectations in regard to purity and potency.  Primal Labs designs precision formulations that use the world’s finest ingredients in the correct amount to ensure the product has the desired result. Primal Labs reviews the latest peer-reviewed research to support the efficacy of its claims.

Steve Gray and Bryan Ward are joined by a team of dedicated specialists in marketing, product development, regulatory affairs, customer service, and more. Primal Labs focuses on quality and customer support to ensure customers receive products as described and enjoy a favorable shopping experience.

Primal Lab Supplements

  • FlorAdjust
  • Smash-It!
  • Shred-It!
  • T-Supply Max
  • BioMeric
  • DuOmega 3 & 7
  • OptiAge Level 1, Level 2
  • CardioRelax AO
  • HeartZest
  • GlucoBurn
  • Triflexarin
  • CogniForce
  • Thermo Power
  • Bright Eyes
  • Advanced Diet Complex
  • Starch Be-Gone
  • Dual Defense Prostate Support
  • SleepTonin

Primal Labs is so confident in its products, it offers a “No Questions Asked” money-back guarantee on every product. Customers can contact Primal Labs customer service representatives for a refund, and they receive their money back – no questions asked. Primal Labs only wants to help individuals achieve their best health naturally so, if a customer is dissatisfied in any way, it will work with him or her to remedy the situation. Overall, it has reached more than 700,000 people globally and hopes to reach the million mark in the very near future.

This blog will focus on Primal Labs supplements and information regarding health issues currently affecting so many Americans and others around the globe. The truth is that there is so much misinformation out there about health, diet, and what supplements are ok to take. Primal Labs hopes to simplify the information out there and provide individuals with a blueprint for success.