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Primal Labs Publication Explains How to Maintain a Healthy Blood Sugar

One of the most misunderstood concepts about our health is how our blood sugar affects our weight and our energy levels. Dr. Eric Wood wrote the book, Longevity Secrets, to try to help people understand how their body works and ways to live a longer, healthier life. Longevity Secrets is one of the books published by Primal Labs to help the general public learn more about basic health concepts. Primal Labs reviews the best researchers out there doing amazing work in various fields of health and wellness.


Dr. Eric Wood explains that your cells need blood sugar for energy. When you have extremely low blood sugar, your cells begin starve. If you have low blood sugar, you might start feeling lethargic or weak. In more extreme cases, you might act confused or even faint. High blood sugar, though, isn’t good either, as it could damage blood vessels and increase the risk of a host of some dangerous chronic disease. High and low blood sugar could lead to insulin resistance as well.


If you are concerned about your blood sugar or have noticed it creeping up over the years, you should know that there are things you can do right now to reduce your risk and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. For one, we know that diet is important. Some studies have shown that the Mediterranean Diet may be of benefit, but you might want to speak with a nutritionist to decide on a meal plan that you could live with. Everyone is in agreement, though, that simple sugars and processed foods should go nowhere near your mouth.


Another thing you might want to consider doing is going to the gym more often. Those who do cardiovascular activities and strength training have healthier blood sugar levels than those who don’t. That’s because your body uses more glucose in the blood during exercise. Overtime, with regular exercise, your blood sugar could lower naturally. Your insulin response improves as well with regular exercise. If you’re not into the gym, even as something as simple as a walk after dinner can show good results as it will reduce the blood sugar spike that comes from eating.


If you’re looking to maintain healthy blood sugar, these are just a few easy ways you can get started. An active lifestyle full of nutritious meals and regular sleep is the best way to feel your best and increase your odds of living longer.


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